Flowers by Kate

Flowers By Kate

Organic flower arrangements    Weddings and other special occasions

Below you can see examples of Kate’s flower arrangements. Since no two arrangements are alike, your arrangement will not look like any of the ones in the pictures, but will be designed individually for you.

Why Organic Flowers?

On a practical level, organic flowers are more pleasurable because they tend to be more fragrant. If they are locally grown, there is the delight of old-fashioned flowers or out of the ordinary varieties not carried by standard florists.

From a world view, flowers one of the most heavily chemically treated crops. Some of these chemicals are banned for use in the United states. Pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers poison not only the soil and atmosphere, bird and animal species, but most tragically, the workers who grow them. After the flowers are harvested, with many varieties, the stems are then set into a chemical that explodes the cell structure, followed by a dip into a preservative solution. Finally, the flowers are boxed and delivered by jet around the world. These chemically laden beauties are what we then give to our loved ones when they are hospitalized or to celebrate special days.

Why not celebrate the beauty and variety of the earth with organic, locally grown flowers?